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Welcome! Since 2008 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life is dedicated to fundraising for "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" of IKSDP-Harambee Project non-profit Foundation. Here: appointment schedule, news, photos & report of fundraising!
Benvenuti! Dal 2008 il gruppo 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life è dedicato alla raccolta fondi per le scuole "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" - IKSDP-Harambee Project ONLUS. Qui: calendario degli eventi, novità, foto e il diario dei fondi raccolti!

lunedì 2 marzo 2020

March Hunt

★ March 2020 Hunts 'Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop' ★
March Hunts
✿ Spring is coming and we're really happy... look for the new prizes in our Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop: they are amazing! Don't miss to find our Month's gifts and those offered by our designers in: LOVEmyPlanet Harambee Charity Fair + Hunt
Have lots of fun ;-) Here the Prizes Gallery available until end of month.
✿  La primavera sta arrivando e siamo davvero felici ... cerca i nuovi premi nel nostro Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop! Non perdere l'occasione di trovare i regali del mese e quelli offerti dai nostri designer nella  LOVEmyPlanet Harambee Charity Fair + Hunt
Buon divertimento ;-) Qui la
Galleria fitigrafica dei premi disponibilo fino alla fine del mese.
✿ Special Fair Events ✿
↠ ↠ ↠  LOVEmyPlanet Harambee Charity Fair + Hun
Great Designers for a great cause, Hunt & many gifts... Buy and donate!
↠ ↠ ↠ Save the Koalas: Special Event at Arrival point

Special sale to support the fire emergency in Australia and Save the Koalas (donation to WWF)
✿※✿  HUNTS HINTS ✿※✿ 
✿ Lucky Tonight Hunt 3
Hint F & U: Searching the Shamrock MiniDress
Suggerimenti: Cercando il Shamrock Minidress
✿ Spring Hunt
Hint:  I dream a Dragon pendant Jewelry set!
Suggerimento: Sogno il Drago pendent Jewelry set!
✿ Spring's in the air hunt
Hint:  Near the JOIN GROUP sign!
Suggerimento: Vicino al cartello JOIN GROUP!
✿ Who Done It Hunt
Hint: On the Save the Koalas cart!
Suggerimento: Sul banchetto Save the Koalas
✿ DLS The darkness inside hunt
Hint M/unisex: It's a big cocktail or a swimming pool?
Hint F: Relax under the Arab tent!
Hint 25: Near the Donations for children IKSDP-Harambee Project
Suggerimenti: M/Unisex E' un grande Cocktail o una piscina?
F: Relax sotto la tenda araba!
25L: vicino alla TipJar Donations for children IKSDP-Harambee Project
✿ World Tour 2020 hunt
Hint M Unisex: Next to Acorn Teapot
Hint F: Africa Sign is here!
Suggerimenti: M accanto all'Acorn Teapot
F: Africa Sign è qui!
See you next month! Arrivederci al mese prossimo!
☆ Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh & Bunny Isles for Kenya  Staff ☆