Welcome n Bunny Isles for Kenya!

Welcome! Since 2008 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life is dedicated to fundraising for "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" of IKSDP-Harambee Project non-profit Association. Here: appointment schedule, news, photos & report of fundraising!
Benvenuti! Dal 2008 il gruppo 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life è dedicato alla raccolta fondi per le scuole "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" - IKSDP-Harambee Project ONLUS. Qui: calendario degli eventi, novità, foto e il diario dei fondi raccolti!

mercoledì 4 novembre 2020

Second Deposit for IKSDP-Harambee project (Nov 2020)

 13° Deposit for IKSDP-Harambee project (November 2020)

Long before the end of the year, thanks to the numerous events, sales, seasonal fairs and treasure hunts dedicated to the IKSDP-Harambee Project (Gwassi, Kenya), we raised € 1000 for the second time in 2020. So we have doubled the donations: 2000 €uros for our schools and the activities of the IKSDP Center.
Since 2010 this is the thirteenth donation from the Second Life group, a great work for a great cause, realized with the collaboration of thousands of friends, many artists and musicians and many lands united in a great effort! 14.200 €uro raised by a great choral friendship. Thank you to all Harambee friends!

Molto prima della fine dell'anno, grazie ai numerosi eventi, saldi, fiere stagionali e cacce al tesoro dedicati al Progetto IKSDP-Harambee (Gwassi, Kenya), abbiamo raccolto 1000 €uro nel 2020 per la seconda volta. Abbiamo quindi raddoppiato il donazioni: 2000 €uro per le nostre scuole e le attività del Centro IKSDP.
Dal 2010 questa è la tredicesima donazione del gruppo Second Life, un grande lavoro per una grande causa, realizzata con la collaborazione di migliaia di amici, artisti e musicisti, gruppi e terre unite in un grande sforzo! 14.200 €uro frutto di una grande amicizia corale: grazie a tutti gli amici di Harambee!

domenica 1 novembre 2020

November 2020 Hunts

November 2020 Hunts

☻☪☻ The crisp night air is still, a cold mist swirls around, chilling you to the bone. You huddle closer to the bonfire. ...Is something or someone moving in the night?? Sure! They are the hunters looking for the new amazing Hunts prizes... Search in every corner in our  Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop! Don't forget the gifts of the month and those offered by the great designers of  Happy Fall Harambee Charity Fair... Happy Hunting ;-)
Here the Prizes photo Gallery, available till the end of the month!
☀ Special Fair Events & gifts ☀
↠ GROUP GIFT: Ruffle rust Velvet & tulle minidress
↠ GIFT for friends: Two Black cats with candles
Happy Fall Harambee Charity Fair + Hunt
Until November 30th, it's a great items for all: Home and garden, fashion, full perm, decors... part or all of the sales amount go to fundraising our IKSDP-Harambee Project Schools in Kenya. Follow the Leafs path and search the pumpkins with lights (3 L$).hunt items!
*Yule Cart Sale & Hunt
Until December 31 Wonderful Cart Sale!
Save the Koalas: Special sale! Happy Fall Harambee Charity Fair + Hunt
All the proceeds from these vendors are donated straight to the to support WWF for the fire emergency in Australia and Save the Koalas.
DLS- Dirty Little Secrets 11 (Oct 25 - Nov 25)
Hint F/U: Wild Lilium multisit
Hint M/U: Double Mandevilla
Hint 25: *HEXtraordinary* Cozy Dragonet☻☪☻
☻ Suspended Souls Hunt
Hint: Follow the leaves and visit Happy Fall Fair!
Hint: Playing the Kenyan Darabuka drum
Hint: Inner tubes donut style
☻ Barbie Hunt
Hint: Harambee Advent Calendar 2020
☻ Video Gamer Hunt
Hint: Stop at Save the Koalas TIP JAR!
☻ The Jerky Turkey Hunt 10
Hint: Looking wedding arrangements!
☻ Holiday Feast Hunt 4
Hint: Where is the Popcorn Machine?
☻ Chasin the Gobbler Hunt 5
Hint: 'Make Love No War' sign
☻  Candy Cane 12 Hunt (Nov 21 - Dec 25)
Hint: soon
☻ MMM Yule Cart Sale & Hunt (Nov 27 - Dec 31)
Hint: soon

See you next month!
☆ Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh & Bunny Isles for Kenya  Staff ☆