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Welcome! Since 2008 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life is dedicated to fundraising for "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" of IKSDP-Harambee Project non-profit Association. Here: appointment schedule, news, photos & report of fundraising!
Benvenuti! Dal 2008 il gruppo 'Bunny Isles for Kenya' in Second Life è dedicato alla raccolta fondi per le scuole "IKSDP-Harambee Project Gwassi Kenya" - IKSDP-Harambee Project ONLUS. Qui: calendario degli eventi, novità, foto e il diario dei fondi raccolti!

lunedì 14 novembre 2022

November Hunts 2022

October Hunts 2022☻☪☻ The crisp night air is still, a cold mist swirls around, chilling you to the bone. You huddle closer to the bonfire. ...Is something or someone moving in the night? Sure! They are the hunters looking for the new amazing Hunts prizes... Search in every corner in our  Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Don't forget the Month's gifts and those offered by the great designers of the "Seasonal Fair & Hunt3" [Sept 15th - November 3rd 2022]
Happy Hunting ;-)
☪ Here the Prizes Gallery available until the end of the month!

🎁 Exclusive GROUP GIFT:


🎁 Fabfree gift:

☪ ✪ ☪
CMH All Male Autumn
hint: CMH stand - Cheeky Monkey hunts prizes

☪ ✪ ☪
The Silence of the Lamps - Absinthe, Art & Angels STORE HUNT
Harambee Hunts partner! Oct 23rd-Dec 3rd
hint: Look for 7 bloody bones, hidden on this floor and upstairs.
☪ ✪ ☪
✪ FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt 2022
hint: Under the rainbow Lime Bench!

☪ ✪ ☪
✪ Hobby Craft Hunt.
hint: Giant Rose sofa multisit!

☪ ✪ ☪
Holiday Feast Hunt 6
hint: Tree Stump to clear cache!

☪ ✪ ☪
Woman Hunt
hint: 12 multicolour Swirls!

☪ ✪ ☪
Wandering Souls Hunt 3
1) Where is the Seasonal Fair & hunt road!
2) GD for Harambee hint: Shabby Chic Store!
3) L&L for Harambee hint: Popcorn Machine?
☪ ✪ ☪
Red Hunt
hint: Near the hunt Poster!

☪ ✪ ☪
EBP JTH12 Jerky Turkey Hunt 12
hint: look at the first bench in front of you

☪ ✪ ☪
Alfonzo's Spooktacular 3 hunt
hint: Near the hunt Poster!
☪ ✪ ☪
CMH 'I Put a Spell On You 2' 
hint: CMH stand - Cheeky Monkey hunts prizes
☪ ✪ ☪
Full perm event (november 15-december)
hint: search the 50% off

☪  See you next month!
☆ Loredana Loring, Lotrec Oh & Bunny Isles for Kenya  Staff ☆